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Welcome to the newly named 68Spidrs podcast “The Juggling Caregiver”.

Here I focus on personal experiences, useful tips and information about being a mother in her 50’s to an autistic child, and the role of caregiver for parents with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

I discuss a variety of subjects. The good, the bad, and the extremely messy, so if you’re only looking for a podcast about sunshine and rainbows, well….not sure we’re a match. However, if you want to hear from someone who doesn’t sugarcoat it, and speaks honestly about all the heart-breaking, weird and wonderful things that happen along the way please join me.

I will have guests from time to time, providing great information, engaging conversation and bringing a fresh voice to the show.

I try to find humour when and where I can, as it’s given me the strength to get through my really tough days. You may even find the odd reference to Monty Python or Mel Brooks comedies if you’re lucky!

So stay tuned for new episodes coming your way.

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