When a Rolling Stones Tune Became my Muse

brown wooden dock

I was reading a blog today and decided to post a comment. This is something I don’t do often, but the author writes very well, and I felt compelled to say something. Her descriptions of scenery are very vivid, and I can literally picture them in my mind. Some of her life experiences correlate to my own, so it’s enjoyable to read something you can truly relate to on a personal level.

While I was reading, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by the Rolling Stones, popped into my head. It is one of those thought-provoking songs, the idea that you may want something, but maybe that thing you desire, is not necessarily what you need. A concept I think many people can connect with in its simplicity.

Some of us have an image in our minds that when we get what we want, be it a person, or a material item – new car, new house, new shoes etc. that its going to make us feel better, but again that may not really be what we need.

Maybe what we really need is a hug, or a cup tea made by someone special, or a few minutes for ourselves to read a book, chat with a friend or simply be alone with our thoughts.

Oftentimes we look for an external solution as opposed to looking within for satisfaction, and just like that another Stones song is in my head. Kind of interesting that their music is providing my source of inspiration now, but it all seems very fitting, so I’m going with the flow.

I have really struggled with huge amounts of stress over the last few years and found myself prone to a lot of negative thinking, due to the many additional challenges accompanying my caregiving journey.  It’s been hard work to change that kind of behaviour, but I finally feel like I’m making some headway.  I know it will be something I have to keep in check, but working on yourself is a lifelong pursuit, and one I happily embrace.

As part of my ongoing effort to be more optimistic, I decided to surround myself with positive affirmations hung on the walls throughout my home. By constantly seeing these uplifting messages, like “Today I choose to be happy” or “Every day is a fresh start”, it reminds me to not venture back into the black hole of pessimism.

Now don’t get me wrong, if keeping negative thoughts at bay was as easy as hanging up a banner with a smiley face on it in every room, life would be perfect. It is, however, a step in the right direction and any step is better than none, no matter how small.

2021 has brought with it, a mixed bag of hope as well as some level of anxiety, as we all hold our breath in anticipation of a much better year.

I’m almost quivering with excitement at the mere thought of not having a daily conversation about Covid-19 or checking the news for the latest case numbers.

Siting down with family and friends I haven’t seen in so long and catching up on many overdue hugs is going to be amazing. What on earth will we have to talk about?

I’m looking forward to finding out!