Who Knew Furniture Could Hold so Many Memories?

photo of cactus in front of a woman s portrait painting

I’ve read many times that keeping too many items from the past is not always healthy for your state of mind, causing you to dwell too much on the past instead of looking ahead. I can relate to that situation, as since all of these items ended up in my home, I have found myself thinking much more about the past than I have before.

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Is it possible to date successfully and be a caregiver?

unrecognizable couple holding hands at sunset

The world of dating is a challenging one, and as a divorced, working woman in her 50s, I have wanted to explore this topic for some time. I have been dipping my toes in the murky waters of online dating on and off now for over 2 years. It has allowed me the opportunity to…

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Didn’t realize I could be this tired and still standing

person holding gray mug

When I woke up this morning, I must admit I breathed a sigh of relief that another Christmas season had come and gone. This year has been especially challenging, with Covid-19, social isolation, and lockdowns I have finally hit that wall. You know the one I’m talking about, where just one more thing going wrong…

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And that’s why the shaving cream can’t be in the bathroom anymore

don t panic text on toilet paper

It is a beautiful day. The sun is streaming through my kitchen window, autumn is now in full swing, and the leaves of burnished gold, crimson, and amber cover the trees. It truly is a magnificent time of year. I’d love to be out there enjoying the crisp morning air, but currently I’m nursing a…

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Endurance vs. Endure – Staying positive when life is challenging

person standing on top of rock

Do you get random thoughts that pop into your head at the most bizarre time? I think most of us do at some point or another, but lately it seems to be happening more than ever, and at the strangest times. Wednesday was one of those occasions. I had an evening appointment to get a…

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